Recipes with
Chicken Jumbo Franks

Broccoli Frank Pasta
Frankfurter Lasagna
Frankfurter Pie Patties
Jumbo Frank Cashew Fritters
Jumbo Frank Cheese Wraps
Jumbo Frank Crumble
Jumbo Frank Fajita
Jumbo Frank Shashlik
Jumbo Frank Spicy Hot Dog
Jumbo Frank Sub
Jumbo Frank Tacos
Jumbo Franks Enchilada
Jumbo Franks Mexican Rice
Jumbo Franks with Oyster Sauce
Jumbo Franks with Sweetcorn and Beans
Jumbo Franks with Tomato Sauce
Mashed Potato Frankfurter Roll
Pan Bread Pizza
Pan Fried Jumbo Frank Pasta
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