It all starts with our chickens
Our chickens are raised naturally
on a vegetarian diet, without antibiotics, hormones or steroids *
At K&N's Foods USA, the pursuit of bringing you Purely Different® products begins with the raising of chickens on family farms in the US. arrow
We only use
(hand-cut) Halal certified chicken
two reasons
for its exceptionally high quality
as hand-cut Halal certified chicken is a much higher-grade product, and is also a seal of assurance for more humane treatment of poultry.
Our products are made with
Premium Boneless Chicken
Choicest boneless meat, carved from healthy chickens, is the primary ingredient in all our products.
What is mechanically separated meat?  >
‘mechanically separated meat’ is never used at K&N's arrow


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All our products are prepared with fine quality ingredients.

We use the finest breading materials, locally sourced fresh vegetables, real cheddar cheese (without any animal rennet), and a variety of herbs and spices in our proprietary and exotic blends of seasoning to bring you flavorful chicken products that are purely different.


Free of
Harmful Additives
Since we use the finest ingredients and premium boneless chicken, we do not need to add any harmful additives to preserve the quality of our products.
We work very closely with supplier partners of ingredients to ensure they are not only Halal, but quintessentially in compliance with our ethos, so we can provide you premium chicken products with no artificial preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), food color, nitrates, nitrites; and 0g trans fat per serving (as per FDA guideline).
Skinless Frankfurters & Cold-Cuts
We are strictly against using mechanically separated chicken meat as an ingredient due to its potentially harmful effects on health.
Opposed to prevalent market practice, even K&N's Deline® branded frankfurters and cold-cuts are produced with premium boneless chicken without any mechanically separated chicken meat.
Frankfurters are usually produced in animal intestine as casing (which acts like a skin), but not at K&N's.
We produce premium skinless frankfurters and cold-cuts by implementing advanced technology.
Our frankfurters are prepared using food-grade, cellulose casings which are automatically peeled off before packing, thereby bringing you better tasting ‘skinless’ frankfurters.
To keep our Deline® products natural and flavorful, we do not add artificial 'liquid smoke flavor' as an ingredient.
we naturally smoke all our Deline® products.
Natural smoking of frankfurters, cold-cuts and meats is as much an art as it is a science. With state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our products are naturally smoked using wood, so our customers enjoy the age-old authentic flavor of natural smoke in our Deline® branded products.
K&N's® is focused on sustainability of natural resources. The wood for smoking is sourced from trees – grown near the famous Black Forest in Germany – in a sustainable way.
For every tree that is cut-down to produce wood chips certified for smoking food, seven new trees are planted, so tree plantations grow rather than deplete over time.
Individual Quick Freezing Technology
For better retention of all essential nutrients and natural taste, at our state-of-the-art processing plant, products are individually quick-frozen using Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) Technology – one of the most advanced freezing technologies in the world..
What is
IQF-Individual Quick Freezing?arrow

Quality Assurance Lab
We have a well-equipped quality assurance lab at our processing plant.
All production processes starting right from ingredient sourcing, are monitored and regulated to ensure K&N's chicken products comply with high and ethical standards for food mandated by our ethos.
Good Manufacturing Practices
In compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP), products are automatically weighed and bagged, then packed in cartons and shipping cases before being stored in our large frozen warehouses for onward distribution to retail and food service customers focused on offering premium chicken products with unique flavor profiles.
Passionately made in the USA
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