Skinless Sausages & cold-cuts
Select seasonings blended with choicest boneless chicken, K&N's Deline – our range of premium skinless sausages and cold cuts – are oven cooked and naturally smoked with wood chips from near the Black Forest in Germany to imbue a truly exceptional experience of delicatessen products. From our herb infused Breakfast Franks, to our Jumbo Franks with cheese, and thinly sliced Pepperoni with cracked black peppercorn, each product is prepared with an artisanal finesse to make the Deline experience deliciously distinct.

Indulge in K&N's Deline for a deliciously distinct delicatessen experience.
Frankfurter Sausage
Jumbo Frank Sausage
Jumbo Franks
Mortadella Slices
Mortadella Slices
Awarded 7 medals and a special trophy at IFFA International Quality Competition in Frankfurt, Germany.
No monosodium glutamate added
No preservatives
No nitrates or nitrites added
0 gm trans fat per serving
No mechanically separated chicken meat

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Passionately made in the USA
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